A Google Chrome extension giving quick access to the 'next page' button on various web sites.


Install via the Google Chrome Web Store.


Quicken Omnibar Icon

On supported web sites, use the button that appears in your omnibar to quickly go to the next page in the site.

Keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl+Right (right arrow) - Move to next page. Ctrl+Left (left arrow) - Move to previous page (shortcut to the back button).

New! - Adding sites manually

Add a next button/link manually by right clicking on it and selecting "Set as Quicken Next" in the context menu.

Supported Sites

  • Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines.
  • Youtube search and playlists.
  • Ars Technica, Reuters and other news sites.
  • Blogspot based blogs.
  • PHP-BB base forums.
  • Wordpress based blogs.
  • Tumblr sites.
  • and many more ...